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South Beach Summer by Michelle Bolitho

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DIMENSIONS (Height - 83.00 cm X Width - 120.00 cm )
GENRE Seascape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-40554-0195-01
COPYRIGHT © Michelle Bolitho


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Artist: Michelle Bolitho


I have 16,565 photos on my iphone! I have 3 external hard drives filled with a gazillion digital images from my beloved Canon SLR. I have cupboard's filled with boxes of photos and shelves filled with photo albums. You could say I am a bit obsessed!

I have been taking photos for as long as I can remember. My brother loved photography and as kids we were really lucky when Dad built us a Dark Room in the shed. Growing up in Whyalla, that made us pretty cool! I recall the feeling of anticipation and mystery as the image would magically reveal itself across the paper. It's a childhood memory I cherish greatly.

I am the friend who would annoy you with my camera as I easily shot through a roll of film a day when we went on holidays - 36 not 24! I would wait impatiently for the 7 days to pass for the film to be processed and then pay extra for the 'Express' service, still with a 3 day turnaround.

I now live on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula with my husband and 2 daughters and 2 dogs. I am blessed to be able to touch the sand and get my feet wet at our local beach every day. You will see a lot of this beach in many of my photos.

I have been procrastinating with this next step for too many years and for a long time I referred to myself as a 'Constipated Photographer'. Full of ideas - but literally no outlet! I am so very grateful for my friends and family who have encouraged me and nudged me to 'Jump' and go public. For giving me the confidence to show my wares and strut my stuff as it were.

So thank you for having a squizz and maybe even considering putting one of my images on your wall. If you do - go BIG. They look fabulous Big.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to chat about any of my photographs or how I can maybe photograph You.