Sun Worship - Relish The Freedom by Lynn Baxter

ARTIST NOTES: This diptych artwork was created in August 2021, in the depths of a very rainy and windy Melbourne winter, during the 6th Covid Lockdown. The two canvas panels are meant to be hung approximately 2.5cm apart. They are a metaphor for happier, sunnier times when we had freedom to relax and soak up the Sun's rays and just think of nothing in particular, not having to worry about social distancing, wearing masks, travel restrictions or contracting Covid-19. The subject is both enjoying the sun and beach surroundings as well as deep in her own musings.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 30.60 cm X Width - 51.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Acrylic on Canvas
GENRE Portrait
REGISTERED NRN # 000-43930-0147-01
COPYRIGHT © Lynn Baxter
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Artist: Lynn Baxter


Lynn Baxter was born in Sydney in 1957 and moved to Melbourne in 1981, currently living in Wonga Park, an outer eastern suburb of Melbourne.

Lynn has been artistic all her life and studied Interior Design at Sydney College of the Arts, subsequently working in the field as an Interior design Draftsperson.

Lynn is inspired by Impressionist and Expressionist art, especially the art of Monet and Van Gogh.

She loves creating works that have a soft, misty, soothing feel where she can also impart a sense of movement, and enjoys exploring new subjects from florals, still life, abstracts and landscapes. Lynn's favourite medium is Soft Pastels, however, during the last few years, she has also been exploring Acrylic and Watercolour paints.

Lynn enjoys developing her skills and has, over the years, in between being a Mum, attended regular art classes and workshops with renown pastellist, Janet Hayes, and recently participated in a global Facebook masterclass with Jed Dorsey. She has dedicated a corner of her family room for her art practice.

During the 2020 Covid-19 Lockdowns in Melbourne, Lynn joined Shani Alexander's Virtual Art Studio via Facebook, participating in weekly and monthly art challenges. The challenges provided a non-judgemental platform to expand her skills by trying varying subjects, genres, sizes and mediums of art practice. Within this forum, Lynn was honoured to receive 4 awards - Winner, Highly Commended, and 2 People's Choice awards. The challenges are ongoing in 2021.

New to exhibiting her art, Lynn recently exhibited in the Inaugural Be Wise Fundraising Art Exhibition - May 2021 for the Pat Cronin Foundation.

Lynn said "I look forward to continuing my art journey, making art that inspires others and feeds my soul." 

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