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Welcome Aboard by Barbara Tyson

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DIMENSIONS (Height - 122.00 cm X Width - 91.00 cm )
GENRE Seascape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-1636-0207-01
COPYRIGHT © Barbara Tyson


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Artist: Barbara Tyson


Fine Artist


Born, Sydney Australia.


A graduate student of the world-renowned East Sydney Art School, Barbara Tyson studied art specialising in life drawing, anatomy, mixed medium and watercolours before going on to graduate in Graphic Design. Barbara began work as an artist illustrator and her talents were quickly noticed and whilst still in her twenties was appointed Artistic Director for a stable of Australia’s most prestigious magazines.


Barbara travelled and painted throughout Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom and completed a multitude of watercolour works borrowing techniques and being influenced by a number of artists, but in particular Turner and Monet. In 1981 Barbara’s newly inspired works won first prize at two art exhibitions in Whittlesea and her life as an artist began.


Further studies with renowned water colourist Alvaro Castagnet gave her newfound freedom of expression and boldness. This led to studying the textures and depths of oils where she embraced portraiture and still life, emphasizing the play of light. Barbara continued her studies with many artists including creative painting with David Hill and portraiture with Archibald Prize winner, Reg Cambell at the Mitchell School of Creative Arts at Charles Sturt University. Capturing the essence of a person was one of her most satisfying achievements. Barbara says, "Seeing your subject emerge from the painting is amazing. A point arrives when touching the canvass is like touching their soul."


When Barbara met Italian artist Roberto Coppa he had the most significant impact on her art. He took her skills to a new level. This embraced styles from the old masters, impressionism, realism, abstractionism and their associated techniques. Painting became a reflection of her own life experiences and Barbara no longer painted from her head but from her heart!


Barbara has developed her own style, using varnishes to create a rich depth on the canvas - combining transparent colours with opaque, thick paint with thin, bold confident brush strokes with finely detailed realism, thick textures with smooth softness . . . all the contrasts that life brings to us . . . on the canvas. These techniques combine to expressing freedom, whether it be in communication, dress, lifestyle, emotions, work or relationships. Barbara loves movement, be it dancing music, sport, or the elements in landscapes. The common themes through all of her art are controlled freedom and movement. Barbara’s paintings stimulate the imagination, so that you become the artist. She creates a brush stroke; your mind fills in the gaps.


Barbara has captured the essence of people in many portraits, entering the Doug Moran and Archibald, and receiving many commissions over the years.


Barbara’s 2011 Archibald entry, a portrait of the Governor General of Australia, Her Excellency, Ms Quentin Bryce AC, received excellent reviews from Australia’s press acclaiming her style and technique.


In 2012 Barbara won the Salon des Refuses in N.S.W. with her portrait of Ita Buttrose where she painted over original 1974 Cleo magazines which both Ita (Editor) and Barbara (artist) worked together 38 years prior.


The Victorian Salon des Refuses in 2013 exhibited Barbara's recent Portrait of Dr. Helen Caldicott in the South Wharf Hilton, Melbourne.


In 2012 Barbara has regular, highly successful exhibitions within Australia and her paintings have found appeal with many collectors and can be found hanging in England, France, Spain, Italy, United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand and Australia.



Commenced painting commissions and selling art privately, 1980


First Prize - 2 categories Whittlesea Art Show, 1981


Exhibited in Camberwell Art Show, 1990


Joint Exhibition, “Colourful, Evocative and Passionate Paintings” at Chapel off Chapel - Prahran, 1999


Exhibiting at First Settlement Gallery, Sorrento, August 1999


Exhibiting at Richmond Gallery Richmond and International Image Galleries South Yarra, 2001


Entered the Doug Moran Prize, 2002                                                                


Duel Exhibition “Spirited Heartlands & Movement” Richmond Gallery, (with Michael Weitnauer) November 2002,


Solo exhibition, ‘Barbara Tyson Recent Works’ Richmond Gallery, Richmond, July 2003


Entered Archibald - Painted Tracy Bartram, March 2003


Finalist in the ‘Salon des Refusés’ Montslavate,  (painting used to promote exhibition), November 2003,


Solo Exhibition, “The Freedom Movement”, Art Associates Australia- Gardner Contemporary Art, Hawthorn, July 2004


Represented in “The affordable Art Show” Melbourne with Art Associates Australia, April 2004


Commissioned to paint in the south of France, Aug-Oct 2004                   


Solo Exhibition, “Recent Works”, Suburban 312 Gallery, December 2004


Exhibition ‘The French Collection’ Suburban Gallery, February 2005                  


“The affordable Art Show” Melbourne with Suburban 312 Gallery, sell-out, March 2005


Solo Exhibition, “Recent Works”, Private Gallery Toorak, March 2005


“The Sydney Art Show” with Suburban 312 Gallery, sell-out, September 2005


Art Sydney-Suburban Gallery -sell-out, June 2006 


Exhibition, “The Art of Romance” South Yarra Art House, July 2006                 


Solo Exhibition, Suburban 312 Gallery, August 2006


“The affordable Art Show” Melbourne with Suburban 312 Gallery, March 2007


Solo Exhibition, Manyung Gallery, March 2007


Artz Blitz 2007, Kingston Art Centre, March 2007


Solo Exhibition,  ‘New York Stories’ Suburban Gallery, sell-out, March 2007


Solo Exhibition, “Recent Works”, Balwyn Cafe Gallery, April 2007


“The Sydney Art Show”, NYC & other works with Suburban 312 Gallery, April 2007                 


1st, 2nd and 3rd Peoples Choice Award, St Kevin’s 37th Annual Art Show May 2007


Exhibition, Suburban 312 Gallery, August 2007


Exhibition, A Sensual September, Manyung Gallery Mt. Eliza, September 2007


Solo Exhibition, Rhythms of the Sea, Manyung Gallery Mt. Eliza, November 2007


Exhibition, South Yarra Art House, December 2007


Exhibition, Tusk Gallery South Yarra, February 2008


Solo Exhibition, In New York, Suburban 312 Gallery, March 2008


Exhibition, Brush Strokes for Infant Strokes, Royal Children’s Hospital Fund raising, July 2008


Solo Exhibition, ‘Freedom of Movement’, Manyung Gallery, Mt Eliza, October 2008


Exhibition, Portsea Art Gallery, December 2008


Exhibited, Postcards, Watson Fine Art Gallery, Burwood Road Hawthorn, December 2008


Solo Exhibition, Suburban 312 Gallery, May 2009


Exhibited, Belvedere Vodka Art Exhibition, McCulloch Gallery, Rankins Lane Melbourne, June 2009


Joint Exhibition, McCulloch Gallery, Rankins Lane Melbourne, July 2009


Solo Exhibition, Glenferrie Contemporary Art, October 2009


Exhibited, Sydney Art 2009, October 2009


Solo Exhibition, Suburban 312 Gallery, December 2009


Very Special Kids Art Exhibition, March 2010


‘Art Melbourne’ with Suburban 312 Gallery, April 2010


Mornington Peninsula Art Show, 2nd Prize Peoples Choice Award, April 2010


Art Show Sorrento, May 2010


Solo Exhibition, Manyung Gallery, Mt Eliza, May 2010


Art Show Sorrento, May 2010


Painting on location South France Jul-Nov 2010


Finalist Archibald Prize, April 2011, Governor General of Australia, Quentin Bryce AC


Exhibited Camberwell Rotary Art Show, April 2011 Highly Commended


Exhibited Art Red Hill, May 2011


Solo Exhibition 'Summertime & the Living is Easy', Manyung Gallery, Mt Eliza, November 2011


Exhibited Camberwell Rotary Art Show, April 2012,  2 Highly Commended


Winner ‘Salon des Refusés’ Peoples Choice 2012, Ita Buttrose


Solo Exhibition ‘Womanhood’, Manyung Gallery, Mt Eliza, November 2012


Solo Exhibition ‘Barbara Tyson’s Beach’, Suburban Gallery, March 2013


Entered Archibald 2013, Dr Helen Caldicott March 2013


Finalist, Victorian, ‘Salon des Refusés’, Hilton Melb South Wharf, June-mid August 2013


Group Exhibition, A Passion for Life, Marriott Melbourne Hotel, June 2013


Third Prize Bronze Award, Camberwell At Show 2013


Solo Exhibition ‘Latest Works’, Suburban Gallery, December 2013


Sellout Solo Exhibition ‘Dapples in Both Hemisheres’, Manyung Gallery, Sorrento, November 2013


Very Special Kids Art Exhibition, February-March 2014


Exhibited Camberwell Rotary Art Show, Feature & Demonstrating Artist, June 2014


New Holloway Gallery openning Moffat Beach Sunshine Coast, May 2014


44th Bayside Artshow, Sandringham Yacht Club, August 2014


Solo Exhibition ‘Latest underwater Works’, Suburban Gallery, November 2014


Solo Exhibition ‘Latest Works’, Manyung Gallery Sorrento, January 2015


Dame Quentin Bryce offical Openning of Holloway Gallery Moffat Beach Sunshine Coast, March 2015


Outstanding Women Artist Exhibition, Media House Gallery, Melbourne, May 13th, 2015


Exhibited Camberwell Rotary Art Show, June 2015


Exhibited The 2015 ANL Maritime Art Prize & Exhibition, November 2015


‘Latest Works’, Suburban Gallery, November 2015



2004-2016                  Painting & exhibiting fulltime (exhibitions above)


2004                    Commissioned to paint in the south of France


2002                            Started teaching weekly oil painting lessons


2001                      Embarked full time painting career


1999                  Teaching painting weekend workshop ‘Passion in Oils’


1998              Expanded growth in part time commission


1995              5 years part time study of the old master techniques with Italian artist Roberto Coppa


1993                           Extensive art commissions with Coogi & Coles Myer used in Florence Italy


1988              Studied portraiture with Archibald Prize winner Reg Campbell, Charles Sturt University


1987              Studied Creative painting with David Hill, Charle Sturt University


1984                              Studied oils at the Doncaster Artists Society


1982              Studied watercolours with Alvaro Castagnet


1984              Managing Director of Logo Graphics


1980              Riverside Graphics Melbourne, illustrator/graphic designer


1978              Michael Bryce & Associates Qld, illustrator/graphic designer


1975/76         Painting watercolours while travelling Australia, England / Europe


1974              Cleo Magazine Consolidated Press Sydney. Art director, illustrator/graphic designer


1970              East Sydney Art School-Diploma Graphic Design Subjects Life Drawing,
                  anatomy, illustration, fine art, watercolour



1st Prize - 2 categories Whittlesea Art Show, 1981


‘Salon des Refusés’ Finalist 2003


1st, 2nd & 3rd Peoples Choice Award, St Kevin’s 37th Annual Art Show, May 2007


(30 solo Exhibitions 2004-2013)


(25 group Exhibitions 2002-2013)


Mornington Peninsula Art Show, 2nd Prize Peoples Choice Award, April 2010


Highly Commended Camberwell Rotary Art Show 2011


Archibald Prize Finalist 2011


Highly Commended Camberwell Rotary Art Show 2012


Winner “Salon des Refusés” Peoples Choice 2012


Third Prize Bronze Award, Camberwell At Show 2013

Her work is on continuous exhibition in -


Suburban 312 Gallery, New Street Brighton, Melbourne, Victoria Australia.


Manyung Gallery, Mt Eliza, Melbourne


Manyung Gallery, Sorrento, Melbourne


Holloway Gallery Moffat Beach Sunshine Coast


Tusk Gallery Chapel Street, South Yarra


Most recent exhibitions