The 2024 Art Show has closed. Thank you to our exhibiting artists, judge, buyers, visitors, volunteers, sponsors & everyone else who participated - we appreciate your support

Fees and Commissions

The following fees and commissions are applicable for the 2024 Art Show

Payment / Fee Category


Registration/Entry Fee

Registration/Entry Fee per Art Work.
Not refundable & GST free.
Payments must be made via the online system.

Physical Art Show Entry Fee


Virtual Art Show Entry Fee


Physical & Virtual Show Entry Fee


Acceptance Fee

Acceptance Fee per Art Work.
The one Acceptance Fee covers the Physical & Virtual Shows as entered. 
Not refundable & GST free.
Payments must be made via the online system.


We expect to receive a significantly larger number of entries for the Physical Art Show than we have display space.  Our judging panel will assess all entries to the Physical Show, and select those artworks which in their opinion most deserve to be allocated to the available display places. If an artwork was entered for both the Physical and Virtual Show, but was not selected for the Physical Show, it will be considered for the Virtual Show only.

Artworks accepted for the Virtual Show only will be charged a flat acceptance fee of $15 excluding GST.

Paintings and Photographs

Small - Sum of two adjacent sides less than 170cm


Medium - Sum of two adjacent sides between 170cm and 210cm


Large - Sum of two adjacent sides over 210cm but not exceeding 250cm


Commission Charges

Percentage commission levied on sales



NB: All prices to include GST where applicable.  Artists must include their GST status with their return.

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