The 2024 Art Show has closed. Thank you to our exhibiting artists, judge, buyers, visitors, volunteers, sponsors & everyone else who participated - we appreciate your support

Award Winners

Artist: Rosemary Parrant
Title: Wistfull
Prize: Best in Physical Show
Artist: Vida Louise Pearson
Title: Adaption- Gang-gang Cockatoos
Prize: Best Other Medium in Physical Show
Artist: It Hao Pheh
Title: Source Of Light
Prize: Best Water Colour in Physical Show
Artist: Greg Allen
Title: Flora And Fauna, Sorrento
Prize: Highly Commended
Artist: Liz Turner
Title: Persian Princess
Prize: Best Pastel in Physical Show
Artist: Lance Ross
Title: The Rip In The Rip (framed)(sea)
Prize: Best Artwork in Virtual Show
Artist: Barbara Muhlethaler
Title: Ethereal Beauty
Prize: Best Photograph
Artist: Nic Kirkman
Title: Eve ( Escape To The Peninsula )
Prize: Highly Commended
Artist: Zhonghua Fan
Title: Branches
Prize: Highly Commended


The Art Show - Physical and Virtual Shows - Base - Hardwood (8 works)

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Artwork number: 160

Pelicans Landing

Height 100cm x Width 120cm

Oil on Hardwood

Genre: Seascape

Live Show Location: w38

© Artist: Michael Britter (4)
NRN# 000-3105-0178-01

Artwork number: 159

Paris In Rain

Height 70cm x Width 135cm

Oil on Hardwood

Genre: Streetscape

Live Show Location: w35

© Artist: Michael Britter (4)
NRN# 000-3105-0216-01



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Artwork number: 158

Flinders Street

Height 61cm x Width 81cm

Oil on Hardwood

Genre: Impressionist

Live Show Location: w43

© Artist: Michael Britter (4)
NRN# 000-3105-0209-01

Artwork number: 349


Height 80cm x Width 80cm

Oil on Hardwood

Genre: Animals

Live Show Location: c6

© Artist: Carolyn Harrington (2)
NRN# 000-1654-0226-01

Artwork number: 350

The Pink Crew

Height 80cm x Width 80cm

Oil on Hardwood

Genre: Animals

Live Show Location: d2

© Artist: Carolyn Harrington (2)
NRN# 000-1654-0225-01

Artwork number: 713


Height 13cm x Width 23cm

Oil on Hardwood

Genre: Seascape

Live Show Location: f7

© Artist: Jo Taylor (2)
NRN# 000-3215-0273-01

Artwork number: 779

Another Brite Idea

Height 38cm x Width 57cm

Charcoal on Hardwood

Genre: Drawing

© Artist: Roger Wells (3)
NRN# 000-44305-0196-01

Artwork number: 793

Take Me Gently Across The River

Height 82cm x Width 102cm

Oil on Hardwood

Genre: Contemporary

Live Show Location: b4

© Artist: Diane Williamson (2)
NRN# 000-39372-0144-01