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Leanne Austin, Artist (4 works)

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Artwork number: 118

In Bloom

Height 70cm x Width 80cm

Oil on Canvas

Genre: Abstract

Live Show Location: a4

© Artist: Leanne Austin
NRN# 000-39703-0142-01

Artwork number: 119

Last Light

Height 70cm x Width 60cm

Oil on Canvas

Genre: Abstract

Live Show Location: a6

© Artist: Leanne Austin
NRN# 000-39703-0144-01

Artwork number: 120

Sailing At Williamstown

Height 60cm x Width 90cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Genre: Seascape

Live Show Location: h5

© Artist: Leanne Austin
NRN# 000-39703-0149-01



For over 75 years and 3 generations, this family run and owned real practice has been serving the Southern Mornington Peninsula. With offices in both Sorrento and Rye, Prentices are the solution.



Artwork number: 117

At Peace

Height 60cm x Width 60cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Genre: Landscape

Live Show Location: c1

© Artist: Leanne Austin
NRN# 000-39703-0150-01